It’s just over a month until Christmas Day and if you haven’t started shopping already now is the time to start! Here are some shopping tips to help you through this holiday shopping season. 

Make a List

Write out a list of who you need to shop for and gift ideas for those people. This will help keep you organized during your shopping trip. 

Set a Budget

Determine your overall budget this season for gifts. From this amount, determine how much you can afford to spend on each of the people on your list. 

Pay in Cash

Avoid the bills in January by paying for your gifts in cash. This will also help to keep you in budget.

Shop By Yourself

Avoid the influence of others by shopping on your own. While your friends and family may mean well, they can be distracting and you can end up spending extra money on unplanned purchases.

Watch for Sales

Got that gift list handy? Keep an eye on flyers and online retailers to see if you can snag some of the items on your list at a discount. 

Start Early

Shopping centres will start to get busier with each passing week. To avoid the battle for parking and long line ups in stores, start shopping now. 

Online Shopping

Avoid the checkout lines by shopping online. Some retailers may even be offering free shipping to entice online shoppers.