Halloween is fast approaching and if your kids don't have costumes yet here are some DIY Halloween costume ideas to try.

Rubik's Cube

Get the kids to help make this Rubik's Cube costume from parenting.com. Glue coloured sheets of paper to a square box and use black electrical tape to make the squares on each side of the cube. 

Milk & Cookies

If you have a couple kids heading out trick-or-treating or maybe you want to dress up yourself, try this Milk and Cookies costume from HGTV. 


Check out this DIY Skeleton costume from goodhousekeeping.com. All you need it a black tank top, plain white t-shirt, red or pink construction paper, and halloween makeup. 

Lego Brick Costume

If you have a lego-lover in your house try this Lego Brick Costume from wikihow. Get the kids involved by having them help paint the block. 


Make everyone hungry with this Sandwich costume from Neon Rattail. Looks delicious!