The May long weekend is almost here! This weekend will mark the unofficial start to summer as everyone gets outdoors to enjoy the warmer temperatures. Here are some tips to help you get through the long weekend safely!

Taking a road trip? Check your car before you go!

If you are hitting the road this long weekend for a trip take a few minutes before you go to make sure your car is road trip ready. Check your lights to ensure they are working, top up your fluids and check the tire pressure in your tires. If you will be towing a trailer or boat take time to check that the lights on your trailer are working as well. 

Maintain an Unobstructed View

If you are loading up the car with supplies for the cottage or your weekend camping trip make sure your supplies don’t obstruct your mirrors and your ability to have a clear view of the roadway. 

Share the Road

As the weather gets nicer the number of people outside biking, walking and jogging will increase. Remember to share the road with cyclists and watch for pedestrian traffic crossing or travelling alongside the roads.

Practice Patience

The roads will be busy with people trying to get to their various destinations this weekend. Practice patience when driving and remember that you will get to your destination eventually.

Cut Out Distractions

Cell phones, tablets and GPS’ are great but if you are driving remember that these devices shouldn’t be in your hand. If you have a passenger let them handle the technology. Or if you are travelling alone and need to make a phone call just make sure you do so hands-free or find a safe spot to pull over to make your call.

If You Drink, Don't Drive

If you plan on drinking and aren't staying the night, plan on a safe ride home. There are many options including a designated driver, public transit, a cab or Canadian DD. 

Have a safe and fabulous long weekend!