Its March Break this week! Keep your kids busy by having them assist you in the kitchen during meal preparation. Here are some fun, kid friendly recipes that they will not only enjoy eating but also enjoy making!


For breakfast try the English Muffin Pizza recipe from or the Rainbow Pizza Pancakes recipe from The Food Network. 


If your kids love grilled cheese sandwiches try the Grilled Gobbler recipe from Kraft Canada! If you have a little more time to prepare lunch, try Valerie’s Homemade Pizza recipe from The Food Network. The kids will love making and eating their own mini pizzas!


Let the kids help with dinner tonight and try the Kids’ Spaghetti and Meatballs recipe from The Food Network. 


If your kids are a fan of Chocolate Chunk Cookies have them help you make this recipe from The Food Network. Or if you don’t have time for baking try this Yogurt and Fruit Parfait recipe from The Food Network. The kids will love creating their own parfait with their favourite fruits.