Friday May 4: Enjoy a night of music at AbbaMania and Night Fever at the Georgian Theatre. Enjoy the re-creation of a live Abba concert, re-live some Bee Gees classics as well as a special guest performance some of your Beatles and Wings favourites.

Wednesday May 2 - Saturday May 5: Head to 'Closer than Ever,' a hilarious, cabaret-style musical about the everyday struggles in the modern world. 

Saturday May 5: Check out Music in Motion Angus' production of Disney's 'The Lion King' where Simba, Timon, Pumba, Rafiki and other characters journey from Pride Rock to the jungle and back! The production features songs like 'Circle of Life, 'I Just Can't Wait to Be King,' and 'Hakuna Matata.'

Sunday May 6 - Monday May 7: It's Baking Time at the Five Points Theatre! Follow along the adventure of Bun and Bap as they meet mischievous doughy characters amidst shelves of baking ingredients and utensils.