The kitchen is an important room in the house and not just because that is where the food is! Here is why the kitchen is my favourite room in the house.

Heart of the Home

The kitchen is the place where everyone gathers at the end of the day. It is where people gather to eat, do homework and socialize. Even if there is a comfy couch in the living room, during family dinners people tend to gather around the kitchen island and table.


We need food to survive and the kitchen is where meals are to fuel our body and mind are created. Enough said?

Not Just for Cooking

The kitchen is not just for cooking. It’s a spot where kids can do their homework, somewhere to do arts/crafts and sometimes it’s an office too. 

A Must Have

What would a home be without a kitchen? If a home didn’t have a kitchen then we wouldn’t be around much since we would be out eating!

A Place for Bonding

The kitchen is a place for family fun and bonding. We can learn a lot about others when cooking with them. The kitchen is also a place where kids learn to cook and that is always an adventure.